What’s that Smell?

Being an online store only can be challenging for our customers that like to smell before they buy. At North Country Candle we feel that providing our customers with a candle’s scent notes is very important so they can make an informed purchase. 

You will notice most of our candles are named indicating the scent name, not labelled or described by a supplier’s feelings, memories or their own inspiration. That may make you curious to purchase that product but without the scent notes you are taking a gamble and if you don’t like the candle, you’ve wasted your money.

So here is your lesson on scenting candles. There are 3 components that make up a scent. Top, mid and base notes. Top notes are lighter oils typically citruses or soft florals and will be the first thing you smell when you open the jar. The top notes dissipate quickly and lead you into the middle notes. Often referred to as the heart of the scent. These notes are what you smell when the candle is burning. These notes are typically bright florals, gourmand, fruits or soft woods. 

Last, but not least are the base notes. They help anchor the top and mid notes and are known for providing that lingering scent after the candle is extinguished. These are typically heavier oils that consist of spices, amber, musk and vanilla. 

If you are unsure if you will like the suppliers candle scent, look and see if the mid notes are listed as that’s what you will smell when the candle is lit. 

If you have any questions regarding fragrances, etc., please read our fragrance description and ratings at the top of our website.