Fire Bowl Dough Bowls - What are they?

Fire Bowl dough bowls have been an amazing addition to our dough bowl candles. The glass is tempered fireplace glass, the same you use at home or outside in your outdoor fire pit.  The addition of the fireplace glass adds a unique glow to your candle. 

As the candle burns, the glass pieces fall to the bottom. When your candle is finished, carefully scoop out the glass pieces. Add them to a plastic container with hot soapy water and shake, shake, shake, to remove any excess soy wax. Rinse well and air dry. 

Your glass can be re-purposed in an aquarium, terrarium, or on top of an outdoor plant that will shimmer in the sunlight. 

Our fire bowl candles come shrink-wrapped so glass doesn’t move around during shipping. However, if some glass becomes dislodged, simply add it randomly on top, ensuring not to obstruct the wicks. 

Enjoy, indoors or out!