Burning Wood Wick Candles

Wood wick candles add a unique touch to your traditionally wicked candles. Woodwick candles produce a light crackling sound while burning, creating a wonderful candle ambience. 

With any wicked candle, there are instructions and cautions to follow.  

To light your wood wick candle we recommend a BBQ starter. Hold the flame directly where the wax meets the wick. Sometimes it may take two or three tries to ignite ( similar to your campfire). 

Always light all of the wicks at the same time. With soy wax being a slow burning wax, we recommend keeping you candle going until the melted wax reaches edge of jar, or dough bowl. Depending on the configuration of the dough bowl (width), it may take 2 to 3 hours for the wax to melt. If you do not have the time available to you for this most important first burn, please wait. Lighting a soy wax candle whether cotton or wood wicks, and extinguishing before first burn is complete will likely cause your candle to “tunnel”. 

Once your wood wick candle is extinguished and cooled, before re-lighting, TRIM OFF THE CHARRED BITS FROM PREVIOUS BURN. You can use wick trimmers, or just a Kleenex and your fingers. If you don’t complete this important step, your candle may not re-light, or stay lit. Burnt wood doesn’t continue to burn. Think of a campfire where you have to add fresh wood to continue the fire. 

We welcome any questions you may have about wood wick candles. Please feel free to email us at northcountrycandle@gmail.com.