Outdoor Campfire Candles

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Our outdoor campfire candles have been made with organic all natural soy wax and non-toxic fibrous starters. These are great candles to use outdoors for apt or condo residents. These tins are portable and can go where you go. We recommend burning no more than 45 minutes at a time. The tin and wax will become hot. To extinguish the candle, do not blow out, simply slide the tin across the top  and flames will be snuffed out. 

Our product contains 3 fibrous fire starters and does not produce significant smoke until candle is 3/4 burned. As the soy wax dissipates and more of fire starters are exposed there will be more smoke. **Our fibrous wicks are trimmable with a paring knife should you want to extend candle life, or have a smaller flame**. 

Full burning instructions are on reverse of tin as well as an accompanying pamphlet.