Gray Wire Mesh Pluggable Candle Warmer, Ceramic Scent Beads, 15 ml fragrance & sachet

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Great addition to a bathroom or bedroom to serve as a scented night light. This product is from The Candle Warmers, Etc. Included with your purchase is 2 oz of scented beads and a 15 ml bottle of same fragrance. We have opted for a “plastic-free” way to add scent your warmers, or diffusers. The beads can be used in two ways:

Add them to your tart or candle warmer, they will safely add fragrance to your room.

Use the sachet bag for either a non-plastic car freshener, or for your garment drawer.

When scent begins to fade, pour beads back into a glass dish, add 20-25% (0.40 oz) of oil from your bottle, stir to mix fragrance into beads and add them back to your product. The sheer sachet bag with scented beads lasts weeks.

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