Candle Dough Bowl -Spanish Oak Scoop

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How cute is this dough bowl? This “scoop” dough bowl measures 12” L x 6” W x 2” D. No two bowls are identical as they are hand-carved by humans, not machined. This bowl has 3 wicks and holds 10 oz of wax. 

An affordable dough bowl for Mothers Day. Pick up available or flat rate shipping. The bowl will be shrink-wrapped for dust and fingerprint protection. 

Use drop down menu to select your fragrance. **The Citronella bowl is ideal to burn at night while sitting on your balcony, deck or dock. The handle makes it easy to carry back inside, eliminating chance of spillage. **

Add a bottle of 60 matches and a black matte candle Snuffer making this a complete gift. 

Pick up available or flat rate shipping.