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North Country Candle - Burlington

Candle Dough Bowl - Fire Glass Bowl - Mountain Sage

Candle Dough Bowl - Fire Glass Bowl - Mountain Sage

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Our all natural organic soy wax candle has been poured with the addition of reflective outdoor firepit glass on top of the wax. Now you can add the ambience of an outdoor fire - indoors.  When the candle is burning the glass shimmers and adds a beautiful glow to your bowl. Non-toxic and eco-friendly. 

Mountain Sage is an earthy aroma with a herbaceous lift.  Crisp green notes that are clean and refreshing in any space. 

Bowl comes shrink-wrapped to keep the glass in place. If glass is dislodged during shipping, simply place it back on top of bowl without blocking the wicks. 

Always burn on a heat-resistant surface, and never leave your bowl unattended.  Burn no more than 4 hours at a time OR until melted wax reaches across bowl. 

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