Plastic clamshells

Posted by Cathie Marck on

It is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine packaging wax melts into recyclable plastic. Recyclable or not, we personally feel there is enough plastic on this planet to last many lifetimes, without adding more via clamshells. It grieves me to see all the plastic pulled out of the ocean. To some this may seem to be a silly moot point, but we are standing our ground.

Scented ceramic beads are an eco-friendly alternative for your melters. They are far more economical than wax in clamshells. The scent lasts a long time. When it weakens, simply pour beads into a glass dish, add 25-30 drops of same 15 ml fragrance oil from North Country, and re-scent your beads. Re-scented beads can go into sheer sachet bag and be used as car freshener (again no plastic), or sachet can be added to your lingerie/ garment drawer. 

We realize our opinions about plastic are not embraced by everyone, so we will be offering wax cubes that will be packaged in kraft bags. The kraft bags have far less environmental impact.   The wax cubes will be a one-time use only, and reflected in price. 

We so appreciate your support of our business. 

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